I've attempted to calculate my on the planet using the shadow cast at noon close to the . using all modern tools available to check my estimate.

I got close, after much rechecking, ending up with a figure of -36.64° which is close to the value of -36.65° as per sunearthtools.com/
In fact this is an error on the map of 1289 m using their measurement tool.

I count my experiment a success!

We are under a day away from the , which is experienced at the same time around the world as the sun is directly overhead at the earth's equator. At this time of the year the sun is moving South and we are moving into Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere and Autumn in the North.

This event marks out our time on the farm as we arrived on the equinox 5 ½ years ago.

Tonight's crescent moon was at 19% illumination. I took a using three exposures and

We had a beautiful new moon after sunset tonight. I got my camera and tripod stand out to take a#photo from the back deck and was followed out by our two granddaughters, 4 and 2.

The older girl was admiring the orchid flowers and I strictly told her not to touch them. I'll let you guess what happened.

This garage has an interesting history: it was once fitted out with kitchen, shower and lighting for residential occupation. There is an artist whose work with corrugated iron is well known and it was he who is reported as the occupant on his return from a time overseas.

There were items of his work on the farm before we moved but only one thing remains, a gazebo with a corrugated iron roof that has the hallmark of the artist's work.

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One can take pleasure in simple things: this old double-garage, though rusty and in poor repair, had a good clean-up in the summer. I swept large quantities of rotting leaves off the roof, exposing the rust forming underneath the permanent layer. It has taken all the rain through the winter to finish washing it clean. Maybe I will be able to give it a coat of paint over the coming summer and preserve it a little longer.

Another on our deck is coming into flower.

They were much neglected through the drought of last summer and I thought that we wouldn't have any spikes this year but have been pleasantly surprised.

One thing that survived the summer very well is the Oxalis which at one stage seemed to be the only thing surviving the drought. This pest-plant I brought in the pots when moving to the farm and is almost impossible to eradicate.

I checked the lemon seeds last night, rinsed them under the tap and checked to see if there were any sprouting.

Sure enough there were a few that had sent out root shoots which I transferred into another bag and put the rest back with refreshed water and air.

Success in sprouting the seeds depends on keeping them cleansed and preventing mildew from forming.

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While waiting for a friend to bring a trailer-load of timber scraps tonight, I caught this view of a stormy sky from the exposed ridge near our gate.

It was blowing a gale of freezing air and I had at one point to chase my hat which the wind had whipped off despite being held tightly on with a strap under my chin.

I had to change the ball on the tow-bar and finished the transfer in the dark.

The was taken almost at the end of official .

Read about the one-million strong, peaceful protest against repressive measures imposed in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic


This report exposes the bias of the media in reporting, not the facts, but contrived distortions of the facts, to promote an agenda. This is a world-wide phenomenon observable here in New Zealand also.

In my first growing year, before I knew this, I planted some tubers in a raised mound and watched them grow abundant sprouts. Later, I learned this secret and harvested about a hundred plants.

Unfortunately the Kumara needs a long growing season and is very frost-sensitive and my plants did not survive long enough to produce a crop.

This year I will try again and have already been sprouting some off-cuts from tubers that went into the cooking.

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I have no success in growing Kumara yet, but I have learned that the Maori used this method for propagating them:

They planted some tubers in a bed where they had not been grown before, then when the sprouts were long enough to harvest they broke them off, put a twist in the bottom end to prevent them from pulling out of the ground easily, and planted each sprout to begin a new plant.


While checking when the first hand-held digital calculators became available I found this article which describes the process by which they were developed at Texas Instruments.


I was particularly interested because I once used a to do the costings for all products at a Fiberglass factory, not long before the first desktop computers came out.

The photograph at the end of the article shows a close image to the TI59 I remember.


I did this once before but I neglected the small trees once potted out and lost them all. I still regret that as the lemons, which were given me, were of very superior quality and size.

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Growing trees from seeds is a very rewarding hobby. I have started a batch of lemon seeds taken from the current crop.

The secret with lemons is to peal the outer layer of the seed using the edge of a thumbnail at the sharp tip to break into the hard outer layer.

Then put the seeds into a wet paper towel, seal it in a plastic bag and place the bag in the hot water cupboard, keeping them moist and with fresh oxygen every few days.

Once they start form green top-shoots, pot them out.

Recently I have seen a female butterfly visiting the plants by the house. Today I checked them out for signs of laid and found some tiny white spots that appear to be eggs, but the weather is still a bit colder than would encourage them to hatch out. So perhaps they are just waiting for some warmer weather?

I'll keep them under observation. The earlier they hatch the better their chances of survival as the favour carbs early in the season and protein later.

One of my early attempts at creating a panoramic view using multiple shots fused together with was this historic house in Grey Lynn, Auckland. A former doctor's house it features an audio-link from the front door to the doctor's bedroom so someone needing urgent care could call him up in the night!


There has been been a modern addition on the left of the original building - spoiling the building in my estimate.

Near where my sister lives there is a large, grand house, constructed by joining neighbouring houses.

This is side view of the house, created from multiple shots from the same focal point and stitched together with .

Further after-processing in was necessary to carefully remove all traces of multiple power-lines and power poles that disfigured the view of the house. Using from a slightly different height, from the same vantage point, enabled some details to be copied in.

Another spring flower, shining on its own in the field.

This afternoon there was a loud crash coming from the direction of the kitchen. I went to investigate and by the time I reached there had already surmised that a bird had flown into the kitchen window. I opened one of the windows and found a Mynah in pretty bad shape.

One of our three cats was close to the stricken bird but a glass of cold water aimed at it gave it a different idea.

A few minutes later, I got my camera and took a , by which time the bird had substantially recovered.

Despite the lack of double-blind studies, which only vested interests can afford, the use of hydroxychloroquine and zinc as a treatment for early cases of Covid-19 has been demonstrated to be a very successful protocol, reducing deaths from the disease markedly.

Early treatment with hydroxychloroquine: a country-based analysis

Of interest, Sweden did not adopt this less-costly medical approach and joins the group with the higher death-rates.

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