It looks as though my time on this forum has come to an end. I wish you all well as I get on with my life on the farm and communicate with others in different venues.



A good resource for factual information about the current situation can be found in this Canadian site:

The 2020-21 Worldwide Corona Crisis: Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Coup d’État and the “Great Reset”
Global Research E-Book, Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), Updated September 2021

It is all well documented there and available as an eBook as well as videos.

One thing leads to another in strange and wonderful ways!

I searched 'freelance' for its origin, followed a link to 'curious', and then a reference to:

The Curious World of Probabilities

After watching the hour-long lecture I noted the link on the last slide to his website and found my way there.

Once there I discovered a link to an article he had written on the musical scale and read that with interest.

The magical of

Our pet lamb is a sturdy little fella. He paid us a visit to the flat the other day and left a calling card on the carpet before she could be escorted outside again.

We've now had both the goat and a pet lamb in the flat in the last few days.

All this on top of our two granddaughters who regularly create havoc in the flat and are not beyond having accidents either.

I managed to limb and cut into rounds a couple of trees that the contractors felled and left lying in the paddock over the fence from the driveway.

Recently I watched a review of the dual tank for petrol and chain oil and realised that I had a better outlet for the oil that cuts off automatically when the oil tank is full. Now I have no more spills and it takes only seconds to fuel up the chainsaw.

Tonight I am tired and sore but satisfied.

Today on the farm I made a good start at clearing up the logs left by the contractors for our driveway project.

I used some small-diameter logs to keep the logs I was working on off the ground. Then using rope and levers rolled the logs, one at a time, onto the working area and was quickly able to saw rounds with my chainsaw with minimal need to further move the logs.

I rolled the rounds down the slope and stacked them against the fence below the pile of logs.

Tonight I was interested to see the origin of a stock image. I downloaded and ran ExifTool against it and was amazed at the amount of information extracted.

I tried removing the EXIF data from another image I had downloaded and found it reduced the file size by 25%, from 110 to 82 k

exiftool '-all=' image.jpeg

I tried this on the first image, with a much smaller reduction. I then tried converting JPEG to WebP and that produced a 2/3 reduction in file size.

I caught sight of our goat while at my garden yesterday and his winter coat has been almost all shed. He looks even more ragged but his summer coat emerging from underneath is looking glossy and dark.

He likes my grapevines, which are beginning to sprout, and I had to protect one branch that he was gnawing on with a piece of bamboo to stop him. He copped some of my ire also.

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Ivermectin gets well-deserved good official attention:.

Moderate-certainty evidence finds that large reductions in COVID-19 deaths are possible using ivermectin. Using ivermectin early in the clinical course may reduce numbers progressing to severe disease. The apparent safety and low cost suggest that ivermectin is likely to have a significant impact on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic globally.

Keywords: -19 -CoV-2

As a follow-up to a missed equinox observation, I used the app on my cellphone and made some calculations that are a poor substitute for observations at solar noon.

As the sun sank to the West, I calculated the slope of its trajectory in relation to the horizon. As per my worksheet, attached, it came out at 52.6333°. Since that would be 90° at the equator, 90- 52.6333° = 37.3667° gives my declination, which is about 0.7150° from the value given by

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I've had a good computer chair for longer than I can remember and it's losing gas and won't stay up. So I have invested in a kneeling chair in the hope that it will help me with my lower back pain and keep me from falling asleep at my computer!

Well, it's working well: it really encourages me to get up and move around rather than stay at my computer for long, uninterrupted periods.

It kept me awake last night, too, as I started awake each time I began to fall off!

Not long before sunset tonight, the direct rays of the sun penetrated the cloud cover for a brief few minutes.

I took a few photos with my cellphone to commemorate the equinox that occurred earlier today.

Shortly, the sun will 'cross' the equatorial plane. As I write there is heavy rain outside and during the day I had no glimpse of the sun. Tomorrow is likely to be similar, so little chance to make solar observations.

The equinox is given as at Sept. 22, 2021, at 19:21 UTC which is in 3+ hours as I write.

The astronomical calculations are based on a model that only approximates reality,

Here's a short video clip that I have scaled down to reduce the file size, showing the ewes and lambs penned up waiting to be drenched before being moved on to new pastures.

I am impressed with the way my cellphone takes all hand-shake out of videos and keeps the movements steady.

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Our daughter moved the sheep today and gathered them into a pen to drench them along the way.

Here are a couple of shots of part of the flock with their lambs.

We have one goat on our farm, on permanent loan. He was captured as a kid and domesticated from the wild.

He is a friendly fellow, comes up to you in the paddock, and lets you rub his chin. But he is quite a mischief and gets over the sheep fences quite easily. He was used to being tied up to his house at night but we've left him outside with the sheep all winter and he grew a lovely, warm winter coat.

Now that the weather is warming up he is shedding and looks ragged!

A couple of years or more ago I got some slips of Buddleia and planted them in my garden. The slips had no roots so some died and a few managed to survive in the rough conditions in the garden.

Today the bushes stand taller than I and are laden in flowers that have been a great boost to insects in my garden, including Bumblebees, Monarch butterflies, and an occasional Honeybee.

Here is a couple of#photos of them feeding happily together.

Our flock of sheep, with their lambs, are currently in the paddock just over the driveway from the house.

The upper portion of this area was in mature pine forest when we came to the farm six and a half years ago this equinox. It is well underway reverting to pine forest.

My current background on my computer has been updated to show this scene.

I am enjoying my newfound method of using !

I adapted my script to convert the file directly, saving disk space and processing the file after it has been downloaded.

With slow Internet connection, and high compression into a WebM format, the download time and processing time are more or less the same, saving time as well.

Because my working memory is so bad that I can't remember what I have just downloaded, my script handles everything, including renaming the file.

Well, I have found a solution that may sometimes work. On the offending page, right-click and choose "Inspect"

Then, with the DevTools page open left-click on the offending banner which then is identified in the code in the pannel.

Right=click on the item in the code and choose, "Delete Element" and the banner should be gone.

Continue reading ...

PS I don't remember exactly but I think that I had to install DevTools sometime in the past.

PPS My browser is Brave {Chrome(ium))

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