I'm amazed at the Swan plants' profligacy of seed-making.

I've estimated that each 'swan' contains, on average, about 150 and one mature plant can produce upwards of 200 seed pods.

That gives a potential seed production of upwards of 30,000 seeds.

I have thought of seed-bombing along the side of the road to increase the habitat for the but the depredation of is so great that I don't think that that would make any difference - just increase the population of wasps!

Here in New Zealand we are into and the butterflies are migrating to wintering havens throughout both islands.

The cooler weather has reduced the pressure of on the Monarch caterpillars and I counted a dozen on the Swan plants near the house. I also saw a number of caterpillars on the many Swan plants in my wilderness garden.

Over the past week or so I have observed a number of butterflies with fresh wing markings and I assume that these have recently hatched here.

This PM I mixed two-stroke fuel for my chainsaw and decided to finish cutting a couple of sections of log that somehow were missed.

After pulling the starter cord a dozen times the penny finally dropped: the saw was out of fuel.

After topping up the chain oil and the fuel tank, I picked up the saw and noticed immediately that I had forgotten to screw back the cap.

Last time I did that I put the saw in the boot of the car and filled it with petrol fumes.

Oh dear! I am getting too forgetful.

While reading up about the importance of encryption on the Internet I found that
are on Mastodon.


There they have links to their blog, etc.

The Internet could not survive without and anything that weakens encryption would enable more crime than it could ever prevent. It would be like keeping the key to the front door under the door mat.

I'm also very interested in , a fully distributed, end-to-end encrypted communication system.

I've had on my computer since Nov. 2018 but it had fallen into disuse. Reading about it today I decided to give it a try, typed 'jami' into a terminal window and got the app. open on my screen.

But who to connect to? I decided to add my cellphone as another device. OK, but to 'export' to the local network required the password. Oh!

Then I remembered that it was once named 'Ring' and looked that up in my ZimWiki and there it was. Mission impossible, accomplished!

ProtonMail offer a very valuable suite of free services including email and VPN to enable safe, secure communications without disclosing personal data.

A recent blog posting sets out some of the benefits of using their services.

Best Gmail alternative for and

Why should you trust ProtonMail?

I have had a free account with ProtonMail for some time. It's very difficult to get others to get one to allow end-to-end .

I've just visited coveryourtracks.eff.org/
using my Brave browser on my PC.

I'm pleased with the results shown in the summary. But looking through all the details there still is much that can be used to identify me uniquely.

I need to watch this space.

I do have Tor Browser installed and have used it a few times. I did not notice any significant slow-down in browsing, which I had feared I might, given our very slow Internet speeds, here in the country, at the best of times.

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How Doctors Die
"What’s unusual about medical professionals is not how much treatment they get when faced with a terminal illness—but how little."

In the early hours of Sunday morning New Zealsnd came off 'Daylight Saving Time' and reverted to 'Standard Time' which is itself about half an hour ahead of local solar time.

The image is a screenshot showing the position of the Sun at 12 noon NZST.

My hens don't pay any attention to Standard Time but go to roost almost right on sunset, year-round.


When coming back from my wilderness garden I came across three of my hens scratching for grubs under the leaves fallen from nearby Poplar trees. I grabbed a short video on my cellphone which I have scaled 50% using ffmpeg and uploaded to Vimeo.

Listen to the rustle of leaves as these busy hens scratch, looking for bugs under the layer of leaves!

Looking at the errors 1201 and 1202 that occurred as the Lunar Landing Module was starting its descent to the surface of the Moon for the first time:

04:23 error codes 1201 and 1202,

The Real Story Behind the Apollo 11 Computer Error | WSJ
youtube.com/watch?v=z4cn93H6sM ?t=252

This is from the perspective of the person responsible for writing the actual code for the ALM computer.

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While working tonight on some images from an app on my cellphone that
shows vertical and horizontal lines in photographs I discovered that some exif data that I sometimes use was missing.

Using exiftools, on the command line I was able to set the parameters that were missing and make the images so that they can be sorted into the correct order of creation time.

Using the same method it is possible to set the copyright field also, if desired.

I love tools!

This bit of history I find very interesting having started my interest in programming with a TI59 Programmable Calculator that must have had many similarities to the Apollo Guidance Computer.

The links back to The National Museum of Computing and their YouTube profile is something that I didn't know of before.



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Light Years Ahead | The 1969 Guidance Computer

On 20/07/1969, Neil Armstrong was in the final stages of the lunar descent, when suddenly his on-board computer indicated a critical alarm. For three nail-biting seconds it looked as if the mission would have to be aborted. However, he was given a "go" to continue, and after several more alarms the Eagle touched down safely on the Moon.


I just happened on this video and found it rather interesting.

How the Best Hackers Learn Their Craft
youtube.com/watch?v=6vj96QetfT &t=1248s [remove space]

The time stamp is where a successful attack against RSA in 2003 is discussed.

I'm having a problem getting my PC and Android cellphone paired in KDE Connect which is running on both devices.

I've supposedly dealt with the firewall but, while I can ping the cellphone from the PC it still doesn't show up as an available device on the network in KDE Connect, nor does the PC show up on the cellphone.

I have run Network Scanner on the phone, which shows the PC and nmap on my PC, which does not show the phone.

What else can I do? Anyone?

Just over a month ago I misplaced my . It had partially updated my photos to IMG_20210225 so I assumed that it was somewhere in the house but had given up looking for it, just hoping and praying that it would eventually turn up.

Tonight I had to clean out the car, looking for a dual-sized tow-ball and found the cellphone behind the driver's seat under a lot of tools and gear where I would never have thought to look.

It's been lost so long I have to learn how to use it again!

I've just heard about a new project for a which includes organic results that may be customised/shared by the user.


-Search "Why search when you can find?"
-Video Like YT
-Social Like FB
-Echo For Social Groups
-Artist "FIND ARTISTS will be a revolution. The world of art will never be the same."

While this is a centralised platform at least it will be an alternative to the tech giants and some competition to help keep them honest.

As an aside to the previous post, when I was young I rode my motorbike into the crater of Mt Eden. It was harder riding it out again but I managed to walk alongside the bike and get it out again. That was many years ago now but talking about the crater brings back the memory.

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Fools & Dreamers (Full Documentary) youtu.be/3VZSJKbzyMc

I grew up in Auckland city, in Reimers Ave, named after the local farmer before the land was turned into 'city'. We had deep, volcanic soil from Mt Eden, a nearby extinct volcano [one of 50]. We had a few native trees that had been planted in the garden.

More recently I noticed that, left alone, native trees still spring up from seed in this area that was native forest less than 200 years ago.

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