Que alguien detenga el secoamiguismo de los cuiques, por favor

@ryanleesipes @k9mail this is just a little nuisance, but emojis in folder names are not displayed in K-9 currently :(

I was bored and I remembered how bullshit 90% of "open-source" Codes of Conduct are

So I attempted to create a better one: bytes.keithhacks.cyou/keith/de

Anyways yeah y'all can use this if you want, or suggest things I've missed

Things autism research could be about:

- How does autism radar work?
- Do we have an easier time communucating with other autistics because our ways of communication are similar, or because we've all had to learn to accomodate the people we're talking to?
- What can be done to prevent and treat autistic burnout?
- What even *is* autistic burnout exactly?
- What effects does masking have on your mental health?
- What autistic traits are actually traits of autism, and which ones are trauma responses?
- How is a non-traumatized autistic brain work?
- How can we better accomodate autistic people?

What autism research is about:
- How do we make the autistic people stop existing?

The downsides of a world with billionaires in it are well-rehearsed: billionaires can convert their vast wealth to power, and use that power to turn their whims and pet theories into policy failures that affect millions - or even billions - of people.

Take Bill Gates. Forget all the conspiracy theories about Gates and vaccines - it's bizarre that people bother to make up those fairy-tales when the truth is so much worse.


@ntapia @aburtolab ahora quelo dices, detesto la carga cognitiva que introduce el 2FA. En especial cuando funcionan como la 💩 (te estoy mirando a ti, Okta).

@ntapia has leido el Rust in Action? ta weno porque te enseña Rust y cosas de sistema al mismo tiempo

La aplicación oficial no tiene la TL federada a propósito. No recuerdo si Tusky, pero Fedilab sí la tiene.

En un chat con gente neurodivergente llegamos por casualidad a la conclusión que Megamente probablemente es autista y fue la gran epifanía del día.

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