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"hey why don't we use jitsi for this"

"hmmm, zoom is easier though"

"jitsi is actually a lot easier, you don't need a client and it's technically better in every way than zoom"

"hmm but, zoom..."

@krita Luckily, a patch to fix the problem is already included in the second revision of Arch's Krita package 😀

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Double-week recap is out: major new releases of darktable, FontForge, LuxCoreRender/BlendLuxCore, and LilyPond, new release candidates of Natron and Dust3D, first milestone for VR support in Blender is done, enve is becoming SVG animation authoring tool.


Featured artwork by Matt French (made with @krita)

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Si usas Android, @fedilab tiene varias opciones de servicios de traducción

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@ink_slinger To my knowledge, the faster processor is only a factor for games that only run on the New consoles (I only know of the Xenoblades port, but I suppose that there are some more games). I tend to like bigger screens, but that is personal preference and if it is your first handheld of that generation, you may not even notice.

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How 1940s Film Star Hedy Lamarr Helped Invent the Technology Behind Wi-Fi & Bluetooth During WWII

openculture.com/?p=1032837 t.co/P5AYekcEGw

@morenonatural Es bacán, aunque fuimos un finde y se llenaba harto. Para nosotros no fue mucho problema (solo nos faltó un puente para el que había que hacer fila, pero no se pierde mucho sin eso), pero no sé si es pa ir con la prole eso sí.

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