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I just posted a new blog post with "Amazing views in Slovenia". It is the first in the series and there are quite a few nice photos in it! ;D be welcome to read it!

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This one was rather wild! We went to Austria to hit the Hochschwab and even though the weather forecast was fine, we had rain. Forced by the conditions we slept in the forest and hoped for better weather in the morning - without luck. We still left the valley and hiked up a different mountain for about 4 hours to witness this awesome rainbow. Afterwards the weather got too wild and we descended.

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I take to the beauty of nature, remember what happened, feel escaped while stuck home, and focus on the . What about you?

Find out more:

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This puzzled me for a while until I checked and discovered this was the caterpillar of the Sumatran Sunbeam (Curetis saronis). Spotted at Coney Island, Singapore, on 13 Feb 2021. It doesn't look like a 'traditional' butterfly caterpillar.

On iNaturalist [ ]

This is my hometown. It's quite quiet, but there is going on enough for it not to be boring. Beautiful nature is present all around and the sunrises are beautiful. However these are photos of sunset, which are very rare, because the clouds tend to occupy the close western alpine regions and they block the evening light.

Currently working on this beauty here. Can't wait to see the finished board with my art 😍

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Good news (for me), guys! The beach painting I struggled with yesterday (in the picture above), I managed to do a much better job with it today. NOW I can relax, knowing I understand water a little better.

#mastoart #art #WatercolourArt

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Happy water droplet fun times this afternoon :) Natural light in front of a window, no flash, water bottle with two holes in filled with water and purple ink, balanced between two stacks of boxes over a glass dish of water filled to the brim with green ink and glitter in it. ^.^

ISO 5000-ish, F16, 1/1600s . Nikon Z6, Tamron f2.8 90mm, processed in Darktable. #Photography

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Today has been dedicated to water, it seems. The third painting I was confident about and ruined because I missed one crucial step. It still would've been okay but I decided to correct it, only to make it much worse :welp:

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