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Live stream of two amazing sound acts, at the occasion of new release by 5-piece all-female noise group Kikimore. Warm up by Gašper Torkar. 20:00 CET at

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The child and the book

He grabbed the book
He opened the book
He stammered the first words
And he flew, carried by his imagination

This simple little magic moment was the first step towards independence
His mind taking the train driven by the author
" I can read" , he said, raising his eyes for a blink
Before getting caught up in the story

#childhood #dailyphoto #photography #books

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Gathered some flintstones today. These rocks don’t exist in Finnish soil so one has to find a spot where, mainly german, boats have dismantlet their ballast in the 19th century. In Helsinki such place is the shores of Mustikkamaa island.

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The contrast of the quarries and their surrounding is a false one though. The quarry still exists if we stop digging, the mountain will keep being eroded, albeit in longer ages, even if we leave it be. We like to think of what is human-made as opposed to what is natural, it is very convenient to think ecology in this simplified way.

But we are the ones that define the natural this way, and desiring to coexist with an opponent is a loser’s game.

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Good morning. It’s Monday. Sitting at a bakery by West Lake Hanoi. The little Vietnamese girl not so sure about the old retired guy. She would peek at me and try not to smile. Then run away.

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A lucky spotting of this Centaur Oakblue (Arhopala centaurus) at Sungei Tengah, Singapore, on 24 Oct 2020. It was literally at my feet on the road and I would stepped over it if I hadn't looked down at that moment and seen it.

On iNaturalist [ ]

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iPhone 11 Pro night mode on a misty and kinda wet evening in Hanoi. Love this toy. I also love walking in the mist at night listening to music.

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food. preserving. 

Pickling apples, and green tomatoes... Also drying apples, and cherry tomatoes.

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On our way to the mt Contrario ferrata we had to take refuge in the Bivacco Aroldi because of the weather. Shrouded in thick fog we could barely recognise the trail as we navigated the layered paths of the quarries excavated around the mountain pass.
There is a picture, taken at the inauguration of the shelter where you can see a mountaintop that is now reduced in half. You can find an old picture of the bivacco at if you want to compare it with new ones.

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Waxing Gibbous Moon
Oct 27th, 2020 - 85% Illuminated

Canon SL2/200D - Sigma DG 120-400 APO VC HSM Lens - f11 - ISO 400 - Exposure 1/125 sec

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