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Landscape photography photo of mine converted to an oil painting style with AI. I’v uploaded both for comparison. Was rather pleased with the result I must say.

Which one do you like the most?

#AIArt #Artwork #Photo #Photography #Landscape #Tree #Nature #OilPainting

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☁️ Was not able to resist this dramatic sky scenery. Had to pull over and take the shot. I kinda have a fetish for when the sky and clouds go all dramatic. 🌧 ☁️

Troldeskoven 🧌 (Trollwoods) in Rebild bakker ⛰ is a spectacular and beautiful hilly moor landscape, Denmark 🇩🇰. But also with some very beautiful old forests and trees.

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Don’t let your local home location stop you from doing photography. You don’t have to travel half the globe!

There is beauty everywhere! As you photograph more, your eye will get more and more trained in the art of photography.

If you drive around the countryside, you will often see dolmens in the fields, along with the many burial mounds. There is about 86.000 burial mounds and 2000 dolmens in .

Was taken an early foggy morning some time ago. The fog was heavy and didn’t want to lift. I had some lovely hours of photography. What a day! ☁️

A very calm day and sunset. The sun was just exploding in warm colors this day. Several fisherman was out this evening and I managed to capture this guy.

Just a quick stroll in the woods, I was looking for autumn colours this day but this is what I got. 🤗

Was doing my landscape photography thing when these guys showed up. 🐑

They were very curious in what I was doing with my tripod and camera. And I quickly took the opportunity to capture them in this photo. 😀

Old tradition house by the coast in Denmark.

Also thanks for the favorites, boosts and follows! 🙏 🤗

Hi all on . This is my first post of many to come. I'm a landscape photographer from Denmark 🇩🇰.
I love to explore my local environment were I live. When the weather is changing I'm out capturing it. 🌦 📸

Anything I should know about ?

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