Mrs and Mr Cardinal are our long-time neighbors. I believe they're raising their young this year too, as usual.

Both of them go bonkers every time they see Ammu cat strolling outside.

I planted some brown eyed susans a couple of years back. The first year they flowered a bit, and then withered away in the fall.

Nothing happened last year.

This year we have a riot!

I posted an image in I replied to that post from my account on The comment appeared on the post.


I deleted the comment in But the comment is still up in



I believe these are Siberian wallflowers.

We got a couple of pounds of seeds from Vermont Wildflower Farm a couple of years ago, and spread them in the edges of our yard in the fall. But in spring, the local "weeds" won in the race, so we mulched over them.

But this year some of the wildflower have turned up in the un-mulched areas! And they are pretty!

Last week, as we were leaving for a weekend trip, we saw a monarch butterfly flitting by milkweeds in our yard. Laying eggs on them, presumably.

This week, we have started to see some caterpillars!

How do you do, fellow πŸ“· kids?

This is my first post on, although I am not really new to the federated web. I have also been taking pictures for a while now.

A thing I did last summer was chasing monarch butterflies. They liked milkweeds and zinnias in our yard. I shared my excitement on this thread:

I have started seeing them again this year! I think I will start a thread here this time.

I intend to post pictures of other things too.

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