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Also I found some scorpions. That happens when you flip all the stones you see

A Common Mime (Papilio clytia) spotted at Bukit Gombak Park, Singapore, on 11 June 2022. It mimics the patterns of the distasteful Glassy Tiger butterflies for protection against predators.

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The final processed result of the Hercules star cluster

This globular star cluster (globular meaning it's a sphere, which is the most dense in its center) is a satellite of our Milky Way galaxy and is located around 24k light years away and holds hundreds of thousands of stars in its very dense packed sphere with a diameter of 145 light years.

The stars are packed so densely together, that occasionally stars collide!

#space #astrophotography #science #astronomy #photography #photog

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Finlayson's Cymbidium (Cymbidium finlaysonianum) spotted flowering at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Singapore, on 5 June 2022. A local orchid that is Critically Endangered in the wild.

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Hi everyone. I’m a wild enthusiast and budding photographer based in , , with an interest in from around the world. I’ll be sharing plenty of my orchid pics here plus images I take of other amazing and I encounter. 😀📸🌺

Most of my posts here will be single images only. For more shots of the same subjects with extra info, check out my feed at: 😊🙏

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Brown headed cowbird, male and female. Seen at Linden Coulee Campground in Alberta, Canada.

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Spiranthes australis - Austral ladies’- tresses/Pink spiral orchid

These petite pink and white blooms provide some rare colour in the bush during the dry summer months. The pollinators for these flowers are small native bees, although plants from some areas are known to be self-pollinating.

Spiranthes australis tends to grow in boggy or marshy habitats and flowers between October and March, though I normally see it around Christmastime here in Melbourne.

The species occurs in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and South Australia.

#Australiannativeplants #flower #flora #nature #orchid #orchids #nature #wildorchid #wildflowers #naturephotography #macrophotography #australianflora #orchidaceae #flowers #orchidée #OrchidsOfTheFediverse
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Another Australian native orchid species currently in flower here in Melbourne:

Pterostylis sanguinea (Urochilus sanguineus) - Red-banded greenhood

These are quite robust plants, with the flower stem growing up to 40cm tall and carrying as many as 15 flowers each measuring up to 2cm in height.

They’re pollinated by the males of a single species of fungus gnat (Mycomya sp. 6) that are lured to the flowers through sexual deception, with the hairy flower lip (visible in lower half of the flower under the hood) mimicking the pheromones and look/feel of the female fungus gnat.

Pterostylis sanguinea flowers at varying times across its range between April to October and occurs in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania (rare) and Western Australia.

#Australiannativeplants #flower #flora #nature #orchid #orchids #nature #wildorchid #wildflowers #naturephotography #macrophotography #australianflora #orchidaceae #flowers #orchidée #OrchidsOfTheFediverse
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An Australian native orchid currently flowering near Melbourne:

Pterostylis grandiflora (Diplodium grandiflorum) - Cobra greenhood/Superb greenhood

Cobras are one of the larger greenhood orchids (flower stem up to 40cm tall, flowers up to 3.5cm in height), obviously named for their pose resembling a rearing cobra about to strike.

Photo 7 is of a flower bud yet to open, while the last photo shows a leaf rosette on a non-flowering plant.

Flowering from April to August (-September), Pterostylis grandiflora occurs in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania (rare).

The Victorian specimens pictured here were photographed in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges (east of Melbourne) and on the Bass Coast (southeast of Melbourne).

#orchid #orchids #nature #wildorchid #wildflowers #naturephotography #macrophotography #australianflora #orchidaceae
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Here’s an Australian native orchid species seen last spring:

Thelymitra arenaria - Forest sun orchid

[photographed October 2021]

This is a very special species for me because back in 2020, during a prolonged COVID lockdown where I was restricted to travel within a 5km radius from home, against all odds I found a large patch of this species right within inner city Melbourne. It was the only wild orchid species that I could find within my permitted “exercise” zone. That was also the very first time I saw a sun orchid in flower. 🤩

The flowers of the Forest sun orchid are spectacularly photogenic but they can be very reluctant to open. You have to catch them on a suitably warm humid day - and even then they can just half open. The reason: because they self-pollinate and are only teasing us when they show a bit of colour.

Thelymitra arenaria occurs in Victoria, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, South Australia and Tasmania.

#australiannativeplants #flower #flora #nature #orchid #orchids #nature #wildorchid #wildflowers #naturephotography #macrophotography #australianflora #orchidaceae #flowers #orchidee #orchidsofthefediverse #lovenaturephotography

Tried to get shots of the planetary alignment this morning in Singapore. Not a good effort: Mars and Jupiter were too high to fit, but I did get a shot of elusive Mercury. 🙂

Here it is, with an annotated image and a screenshot from the SkySafari app for comparison.

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Spiranthes australis - Austral ladies’- tresses

These petite pink & white blooms provide some rare colour in the Australian bush during the summer months.

Spiranthes australis flowers between October & March. It occurs in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania & South Australia.

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🪲 Fichtenrüsselkäfer 🇫🇮
Eigentlich den Buntspecht aufgelauert, aber einen Rüsselkäfer fotografiert 😉.
ℹ️ Der Fichtenrüsselkäfer (Hylobius abietis) wird bis zu 1,4 cm lang und kommt vor allem in Nadelwäldern vor.

#fichtenrüsselkäfer #rüsselkäfer # Hylobiusabietis #naturfotografie #nature #natur #naturephotography #wildlife #wildlifephotography #wildness #wellfotos #Lumix #lumixgx8 #olympus #finnland #suomi #finland #makro #macro #makrofotografie #macrophotography #stack #stackfoto

(CW: Images of a snake)

Happy to spot the seldom seen Twin-barred Tree Snake (Chrysopelea pelias) at the end of a walk at Upper Seletar Reservoir Park, Singapore on 26 June 2022. It gave me A LOOK before moving off deeper into the trees.

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An Australian native orchid now flowering in Melbourne:

Pterostylis grandiflora - Cobra greenhood

Cobras greenhoods are so named for their pose resembling a rearing cobra about to strike.

Flowering from Apr to Sep, the species occurs in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland & Tasmania.

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