Thought I'd throw some moon pics at the timeline as well!

Got a 500mm mirror lens in an auction lot - lots of fun on the micro 4/3 Oly E-PL5. Sort of like tying an anvil to a mouse.

Poking around the property this evening with a "toy" CCTV lens on a new-to-me PEN lite.

This lens is as sharp as a cotton-ball when it's wide open!

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Lens ball of the beach and surf, rotated so the image in the ball is right side up.

Out with the GF1 and an oddball CCTV lens. I need to cobble together some sort of ND filter for it, so I have a bit more control over the vignetting.

Still sorting a nearly 10 year old lumix gf1. This time with a pinhole cap.
Also been shooting on the "M" setting with some old lenses & learning a lot! ...really enjoying this little camera.

Picked up a 10 year old Lumix GF1 to play with some "toy" lenses. It may take a while to get back some speed shooting on the "M" setting.

Managed to get the sensor and this 16mm Russian movie lens [Vega 7-1 20mm] pretty clean after its previous life.

Out with the Holga Digital shooting at an abandoned mill site.

Interesting camera, that seems to pick its own random shutter speed/exposure from shot to shot. I'm far from getting the hang of this one.

Another shot from the horribly misrepresented "16MP Camera" from fleaBay.
This is a 50% zoom. The bad jpeg algorithm in this camera almost look like an early digital "paint" effect!

Testing the 1995 Casio QV-10A some more. interesting color dithering between the two fields of the captured frame.

I'm very taken with this camera's images, but it's been impossible to take out of the house, as the plastic is brittle. Out of 3 of them (I found together), 2 have already broken the battery door latch.

I now know why there was old tape residue on one... time to do some Franken-hacking, or move on to another!

Got hold of some more lofi goodness! Testing a couple Casio QV-10A cameras from1995. Managed to capture images via Composite Video. mmmm! pixles! Even a little macro!

More from the

This "16MP" cam is doing some amazing color extrapolation just trying to get the images up to 1.2MP from the CCD native size!

The "16MP" does pretty well in low light despite the jpeg artifacts.

Interestingly.. the "flash" is actually a 1-LED flashlight, much like a keychain light!

May have to do a review of this somewhere.

May have found a good candidate for my lo-fi project. The "16MP" is a misprint... they meant 1.2MP!

This one has no brand name other than "Digital Video Camera," and comes in Black, Silver, Gold, Pink or Blue.

Guess I'll throw some of my analog 3D goodies into the trade pool as well.

Want to trade my toy film camera collection for lofi digital imaging devices.

Maybe a Palm with a camera or floppy camera.. I'm open.
Also collect old handheld tech & games, too. In the U.S.


I'm a media artist by trade, but dusting off my thoughts on photography right now.

This account will likely be a way to publicly sort out a dialogue between the low-end of representation and the low-end of digital capturing devices. Toy digicams, crappy consumer cams and hacked old technology will likely be making the images seen here.

For now, I'm also dusting off a from 2010. This little machine fights with light in very interesting ways!

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