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I'm a photographer born, raised and currently based in Lisbon, Portugal. My main focus has always been around travel photography, which actually means something very broad, from landscape to street.

Lately I've been very focused in documentary photography, like my focus in recent years: the per-christan traditions in Portugal.

In "working hours" I'm a software developer, and can see more of that techie stuff and other random rants at

From the archive: The weeks in Cuba just before the opening of the American Embassy in Havana. The strange feeling of being in between two worlds, the mix of the anticipation for the changes that might come with the reality of everyday life and that nothing has actually changed yet. photos.joaoalmeidaphotography.

From the archive: In the Mirandese Plateau, the top-right corner of the country, the pre-Christian Winter Solstice celebrations don't really look like other that happen nearby. Something to expect from a region with such a strong identity that's where Portugal's other official language can be found. photos.joaoalmeidaphotography.

From the archive: Having part of my family roots in the Beira Baixa region in Portugal means that forest fires have been something quite familiar. Back in the 2003 fires one of my most vivid memories of the aftermath was the complete darkness of the following Winter, the blackened hills covered by dark clouds. After the 2017 fires, when the hills around my house where consumed by flames, I knew I wanted to capture Winter's arrival. photos.joaoalmeidaphotography.

“Bear house. Polar bears at an abandoned meteorological station on Kolyuchin Island - dream shot from our Chukotka trip.”. Photo by Dmitry Kokh

“Samiuallah, an 18-year-old Afghan refugee, sat around a fire to warm himself in an abandoned warehouse where he and other refugees took…”. Photo by Everyday Refugees

“André Martins on "Trigo do Joio” airlines, Sesimbra!! May 2022 bring you health, peace and loads of adventure! 🙏 … … Photo by RICARDO S. ALVES

“Céu de panelas, 2018. Pracuúba, Marajó. Meticulosamente arrumadas e brilhantemente areadas, a coleção é apresentada com justo orgulho e…”. Photo by luizbraga

“Merry Xmas & Happy holidays. Thanks to all friends and supporters this crazy year .”. Photo by Sam Ferris

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