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I'm a photographer born, raised and currently based in Lisbon, Portugal. My main focus has always been around travel photography, which actually means something very broad, from landscape to street.

Lately I've been very focused in documentary photography, like my focus in recent years: the per-christan traditions in Portugal.

In "working hours" I'm a software developer, and can see more of that techie stuff and other random rants at @t3mujin

Há oito meses atrás estávamos no início da pandemia, ainda a perceber como funcionava isto do confinamento. Eu à janela a beber café antes de mais um dia de teletrabalho, o @ricardogomesmf sozinho a lançar umas bolas sozinho para cumprir as restrições. Nestes oito meses que passamos a olhar mais para dentro tanto mudou mudou, mas nem fazíamos ideia que também aquele campo iria mudar imenso!Kudos a todos por fazer as coisas acontecerem! updates.joaoalmeidaphotography

Iceland might get more expensive... Yay... [Iceland Wants to Restart Tourism—But Only for the Wealthy]

Casting a net in order to get a good catch. Putting aside all the obvious differences, like being far away from any relevant body of water, there's a lot in common with fishing and harvesting olives. updates.joaoalmeidaphotography

On the way towards Armenia through the north of Karabakh, most houses were burning. Photo by Anush Babajanyan (from

<img src=""><br>
The weeks in Cuba just before the opening of the American Embassy in Havana. The strange feeling of being in between two worlds, the mix of the anticipation for the changes that might come with the reality of everyday life and that nothing has actually changed yet. You can browse all the photos at the site. photos.joaoalmeidaphotography.

Working with green horizon, could be better but could be a lot worse...

Travels aren't only made of moments like postcards shots, that sometimes aren't even authentic, but are filled with unusual or out of place moments, things that someone doesn't know why it's there or even ugly. And I really enjoy these... updates.joaoalmeidaphotography

Certainly no shortage of vibrant colors while hiking the woods around Manteigas today, despite that its peak has already passed and big part of the leaves are already fallen in the ground, which I kind of prefer becausd it's slightly more subtle than the overdose of peak colors. updates.joaoalmeidaphotography

Earlier this week I posted about the joy of driving empty mountain roads, hiking a narrow path in the woods, all by yourself, and not finding anyone on the way feels a lot similar! updates.joaoalmeidaphotography

Evgenia Arbugaeva [In Russia’s far north, legends and lives are frozen in time]

Some pretty colors to go along with this season, with its reds, yellows and oranges that make us feel so warm and cozy waiting for the cold that's starting to embrace us! Except all that these were taken way before Autumn arrives...Sertã and Oleiros, Portugal 🇵🇹, August 2020 updates.joaoalmeidaphotography

There's an immense joy of driving curvy, secondary roads, specially mountain roads. Something I haven't done fora while. updates.joaoalmeidaphotography

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