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I'm a photographer born, raised and currently based in Lisbon, Portugal. My main focus has always been around travel photography, which actually means something very broad, from landscape to street.

Lately I've been very focused in documentary photography, like my focus in recent years: the per-christan traditions in Portugal.

In "working hours" I'm a software developer, and can see more of that techie stuff and other random rants at

From the archive: Lazarim, a quiet small village tucked at Montemuro mountain range, set apart from the many places in northern Portugal and Spain with strong masked festivities with elaborate wooden masks made with alder. As Shrovetide approaches, the village gets ready and craftsmen finish their work for the village's revived tradition. photos.joaoalmeidaphotography.

From the archive: There are nearly one hundred chats in Varanasi, the riverfront steps that lead to the holiest of rivers, according to Hindus, to those living close to its waters, and specially those whose lives end there. photos.joaoalmeidaphotography.

From the archive: The weeks in Cuba just before the opening of the American Embassy in Havana. The strange feeling of being in between two worlds, the mix of the anticipation for the changes that might come with the reality of everyday life and that nothing has actually changed yet. photos.joaoalmeidaphotography.

From the archive: São Tomé is a small island lying over the equator line, right of the coast in the Gulf of Guinea. A place filled with what used to be intensive plantations from now gone colonial times. What's left today is a laid back mood where things have a slower pace called "leve-leve". photos.joaoalmeidaphotography.

From the archive: In the Mirandese Plateau, the top-right corner of the country, the pre-Christian Winter Solstice celebrations don't really look like other that happen nearby. Something to expect from a region with such a strong identity that's where Portugal's other official language can be found. photos.joaoalmeidaphotography.

From the archive: Having part of my family roots in the Beira Baixa region in Portugal means that forest fires have been something quite familiar. Back in the 2003 fires one of my most vivid memories of the aftermath was the complete darkness of the following Winter, the blackened hills covered by dark clouds. After the 2017 fires, when the hills around my house where consumed by flames, I knew I wanted to capture Winter's arrival. photos.joaoalmeidaphotography.

“Mother treating her daughter’s sunburn.”. Photo by Natela Grigalashvili

“When Marina told me she wanted to climb the Grand I didn’t want to discourage her but thought it might be a bit much to bite off for a…”. Photo by Jimmy Chin

Há uma nova comunidade de gente que gosta de sentir a fotografia em papel! O The Print Circle é uma comunidade de troca de impressões fotográficas, e a minha primeira contribuição para o arranque do projecto só poderia ser algo que tem sido uma boa parte do meu trabalho nos últimos anos: as Festas de Inverno! Para mais detalhes sobre o projecto, e ver as restantes fotos de alguns talentosos fotógrafos portugueses, basta seguir o link.

“We commemorate all those who died twenty years ago on 9/11. Nearly 3,000 people were killed that day, and the heroic and selfless acts of…”. Photo by Steve McCurry

“Memories of Ground Zero. Winter 2002 #6/6: The burning went on twenty-four hours a day, big sticks and little ones, it didn’t matter—the…”. Photo by Joel Meyerowitz

“Memories of Ground Zero Fall #2/6: The South Tower had been reduced to a cascade of steel, but here I could get much closer to the pile and…”. Photo by Joel Meyerowitz

“Twenty years have passed since I shot these images. When I started to look back at the images that I shot that day, they seem more like…”. Photo by Robert Clark

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