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All in the golden hour of a warm evening in the nearby park, visited with my Olympus point and shoot.

Just visited the Natural History Museum in London. There's a terrific live butterfly exhibit there under a big white tent. Butterflies all over! They ride on hats, eye glasses, your hands. Such fun!

Relying on norms of thought from ancient cultures, some find it difficult to accept that being a gay man or a lesbian woman derives from a natural inclination instead of a "lifestyle" choice. The following sermon explains some of the complexity of gender, and the moral implications of that complexity for people of faith who are striving to live in accord with the values of honesty and hospitality which are esteemed by their religious traditions.

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I join the uproar over the remarks of Robert Jeffress at the opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem:

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@hal Hi, Hal. You might be interested in my bird photos at Flickr: I acquired them all by stalking the small critters.

When this I visited in 2012 my Hanoi guide and I started a photo sharing group at To date more than 10,000 photos have been shared by 161 . Most of the these are Vietnamese, and they're young, born after the war ended in 1975. I have enjoyed viewing landscapes from parts of the country I never saw. I hope you enjoy this visit with people Americans used to call enemies.

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Had lots of fun birding on Lake Erie Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning.

Visited Magee Marsh, Metzger Marsh, and Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge. Saw 17 species of warblers and lots of other amazing birds.

Two best birds I found on my own were White-eyed Vireo and Black-necked Stilt.

The Biggest Week festival was on, so there were hundreds of people. But it seemed like less people than other years despite the beautiful weather and high number of birds.

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. My wife and I went this morning. We're not birders, but we enjoyed the company, which spotted 56 species in three hours. We hiked in wooded Alapocas Park, Wilmington, Delaware. The Gnat Catcher I photographed in 2008, but several were seen and heard this morning.

Spring : I went out with my pocket camera this afternoon and got more momentos of spring. The water is Brandywine Creek, which runs by my house, but thankfully not on the same level, considerably downhill. A neighbor child was trying to blow the tiny seeds off a dandelion head, but making scant progress. "You gotta blow hard," I told him. "Try again, real hard!" He did, clearing half the fluff ball, and smiling.

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taken hiking with veterans and other friends in White Clay Creek Preserve this winter. Took these shots with a lovely small rangefinder camera with leaf shutter, the Olympus XA. It fits in a shirt pocket, so is super handy on hikes. Used Kodak Ektar, which produces especially nice reds and blues.

@Mopsi Most likely. I don't think they sell fake ones that color : )

Ah, yes, the Saint Patrick's Day parade in my home town. It was a little while ago, and I just got the scanned. You don't have to be Irish to enjoy the celebration, but it helps if you like beer. A neighbor of
mine hires a string band. I made a video. Click on the arrow to start it playing: