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The Moon August 4, 2019
22.5% Illuminated

Canon SL2/200D - Vintage Toyo 500mm Lens - ISO 100

....dropped my bag yesterday and now my lens is dented. Doesn't affect anything, but it still hurts.

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Wasn't a photo trip per se, but a few pics from the course yesterday. I'm better at taking pictures than I am at golf, but that doesn't mean I'm good at either!

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How do you do, fellow 📷 kids?

This is my first post on, although I am not really new to the federated web. I have also been taking pictures for a while now.

A thing I did last summer was chasing monarch butterflies. They liked milkweeds and zinnias in our yard. I shared my excitement on this thread:

I have started seeing them again this year! I think I will start a thread here this time.

I intend to post pictures of other things too.

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I'm thinking about buying a for my , to make my photos more interesting.
I'm especially interested in getting a red filter for darker skies.
Does anyone have experience with that and can recommend a filter or a page to read about that?
I only shoot black and white, btw.

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The Cat

I spotted her on my walk. I wonder just what she was thinking?

Canon SL2/200D - Canon 18-135mm Lens - ISO 160

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I mistyped the address for 's status page ( as As the parent domain of their static image servers, it does exist. The home page is...not what you'd expect.

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The Town of Tug o' War

I’ve been around Northumberland many times in the last few years, but never took the opportunity to properly explore Berwick-upon-Tweed: the most northerly town in England.

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First time on Mastodon.

This shot is from Sunrise in Alberta Canada during the height of summer (jk)

Taken with a Nikon D800 and I think the 24mm F2.8D lens

Met a common flameback on my morning run today, here's a photo I managed to take on my phone!

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