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There's a huge line in this camera store ... I wonder why we're all here now? I'm here to hopefully pick up some film I left to be developed and promptly forgot about.

If I'm not careful I'll walk out of here with some fancy lighting too

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Plans nichon sur les 1er tiers, et on suis ca vie jusqu'au manifeste.

Mais je sais pas si il manque un truc, car c'est pas un mauvais film il fini sur l'annonce des mouvement sociaux et par 1848.

Here is an old photo of my film camera of choice (Olympus IS1000)

I've never used it with that big flash on tbh because it scares me a little, I'm a natural light kinda gal, but I've dug it out to see if I can give it a try

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New film breaks the silence on the Roma Holocaust

'...The #film #documentary, titled Broken Silence, was screened last Wednesday at the London headquarters of Amnesty International, in Shoreditch. In Broken Silence, Galjus goes on a deeply emotional journey through his native Kosovo, Germany and Poland, looking for testimonies and signs of the #Roma #Holocaust and talking to young people...'

Watched "certain women":

A slow, dreadful portrayal of four strong women in some god forsaken place in north america. Quite beautifully done, but little excitement. #film #movies