Statues of a family of watching helplessly while one of their own is trapped in the Tar Pits.

Naturally-occurring asphalt (yes, had asphalt millennia before it had cars!) seeps out of the ground all over the area. Portable fences keep people from stepping in it. animals were less fortunate, and a museum houses an incredible array of fossils found here.

(Flashback to 2013, can't believe I hadn't posted it here yet.)

@shmibs Thank you! (And now I realize I forgot to tag the OP as ... )

@kelsonv !!! I went to this, I remember being really amused at the morbid choice of sculpture. My LA friend was really proud of it though. It was cool, but I guess I'd just come from LACMA so I was a bit like "why are we looking at tar"

@sajan Did you go to the natural history museum too? There's a fascinating collection of fossils including hundreds of dire wolf skulls found in the area.

@kelsonv unfortunately not! Next time I go i'll have to check it out. The Natural History Museum here is my favourite building in London (partially for the building itself)

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