This is amusing.

SmugMug has been slowly disentangling from Yahoo over the last few months, and they have planned downtime coming up in a few weeks to finish migrating a gazillion photos and videos from Yahoo's datacenter to AWS.

The funny part: They're doing a photo contest where you print out the maintenance notice and "take your photo of the little panda on an adventure somewhere," then post it after the site comes back.

@kelsonv I was so happy to be able to ditch the Yahoo login for Flickr. Maybe I can figure something out for the panda.

@artilectzed Yeah, that was a nice change! Thinking I might do something for the panda also. I used to do three weekly photo challenges for groups in Flickr, Instagram and WordPress, but sort of got away from them. It'll be fun to try a themed challenge again.

@kelsonv @artilectzed wait so if I make a new account (I deleted my yahoo account) then it’s not yahoo now....?

@rtwx @artilectzed It looks like signup is still handled through Yahoo, so I guess they're still in the process of converting all the accounts. It's been a staged roll-out like phone updates.

I helped someone set up an account back in March, and IIRC they got access to the new login setup the next day. Meanwhile I had to wait until sometime in April.

I would imagine they'll have totally Yahoo-less signup either before or as part of their migration to AWS. Probably.

@rtwx @artilectzed To clarify:

1. Yes, the updated logins on existing accounts aren't tied to Yahoo anymore.

2. No, creating a new account still goes through Yahoo. But it can be converted shortly afterward, and getting rid of that requirement is on their roadmap.

@kelsonv @artilectzed ohhh. Yeah I was confused by that when I went to make a new one. Good to know, thanks for that.

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