The phone's camera looks amazing, but I can't get past losing the fingerprint sensor. I could go back to passwords/patterns, but I really appreciate having a fast unlock option - and I just don't trust face unlock.

@kelsonv ugh I hadn't realized they dropped the fingerprint sensor. :(

Face unlock has worked ok for me on the iPhone X but it's not my primary device so doesn't get all the corner cases. ;) Plus, it's creepy.

@brion Yeah, I haven't gotten past the creepy factor. My tablet has face unlock and I still haven't set it up after....3 months? Something like that.

I know the Pixel series is as much about pushing the tech envelope as anything else, but it's still frustrating when they drop useful features to do it.

Oh well. With any luck, by the time this phone starts showing its age, there will be something on the market that's a closer fit.

@kelsonv Honestly the camara looks super underwhelming. It's double camera with 2x(really?) telephoto instead of wideangle. For one of the most expensive phones out there it's a bit of a joke. You can just get #p20pro for like $300 now.

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