Finally recovered enough from the flu to get out for a walk in the neighborhood (while that's still an option).

I think this first bird (possibly a goldfinch?) was trying to practice social distancing, though the crow in the third photo seems to be doing a better job. The house finch was such a bright red that I thought it had to be another kind of bird until I looked at the photos.

A dove spotted this morning. I just walked around the neighborhood and most of the birds I spotted were on cables like this.

Might be a mourning dove, turtle dove, or collared dove. If you happen to know, feel free to chime in at :


A common House perched on what looks like bougainvillea. It sounded like there were a lot of them in there, but I could only see one.

This bird's new to me: apparently it's an American pipit, also known as a buff-bellied pipit, a small ground-nesting insectivore. I spotted several of them walking around in the grass next to a bike path that's just been closed down, though I could see them from the sidewalk with a zoom lens.

A couple of black phoebes spotted in the neighborhood the last few days. They have this distinctive crest shape to their heads, at least compared to the other birds that live in this area.

This mourning dove seems to have buried its legs in a mound of loose dirt. Do birds like the feel of loose dirt between their toes like humans like the feel of wet sand?

Two finches spotted in the empty greenbelt below a line of transmission towers. They're several meters apart, though I took the photos from the same spot on the sidewalk, and the female chased a sparrow away when she landed.

Also you can really see the difference between the "look at me!" coloring on the male finch and the camouflage coloring on the female.

Ducks at a city park that's recently re-opened the walkways and open space, though facilities and playgrounds remain closed.

1. Join me for a drink?
2. OK, ducks can't read.
3. Three ducks ignoring a pigeon.

Some photos of the park facilities and warning signs:

This northern mockingbird flew across the street and landed on a lawn. While I got the camera out, it flew up to a rooftop, then flew across the street again to land on a signpost, where it stretched its wings briefly (as seen here).

Fun fact: mockingbirds are able to recognize individual humans, and their ability to mimic sounds extends beyond birds to cats, dogs, and even car alarms.

Some spotted at a park. There's a corner that's landscaped with plants that are a bit better suited for more birds and butterflies than the usual giant lawn with a few trees, and I've seen bluebirds, phoebes, towhees and others in the area.

I'm not sure if they're female or juvenile (only adult males are bright bright blue), but you can see the blue on their wings...and how well their bodies blend in with the ground.



I was watching a bunch of Lesley The Bird Nerd's vids yesterday [closed caption turned on, since I have no speakers at work] to distract me from... everything.

@xenophora I'll have to look for those. I'm just glad I can still go for walks in the neighborhood for now. As you say, birds are a good distraction!


It's true. Ask any cat. 🐾 (Mine only watches from the window. He is not a free-roamer.)

It might be regulating the body temperature this way.
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