A butterfly in flight. I've been seeing one or two each time I go for a walk in the neighborhood, but mostly they're flying around too much for me to get a decent photo. This one decided to stick around this one bush for a while.

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Someone on Flickr invited this photo to a UFO/paranormal/unexplained phenomena group. 😕

Maybe they meant to invite it to something else they manage?

Or are there butterfly UFO stories out there that I'm missing?

@alexis Thanks! I don't usually have the patience to wait for a butterfly to stop what it's doing. I need to work on that.

@kelsonv we can recommend shooting wasps (hunting or nectaring, *not* near their nest) as a means of developing patience! they're a lot less touchy in general than their rep would suggest, but we find something about them still encourages deliberation in the approach

@kelsonv lol, fair! though we did find the fear of getting stung to fade pretty fast, what with how it kept not happening and all

Great photo!
She's a female: broader black ribs and absence of the dots on the rear wings.

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