Finally made it out to the botanical gardens up in the hills for a hike. They've actually stayed open this whole time by requiring reservations to limit the number of people on the grounds at a time. (Also face masks, distancing, and closing off benches and some sections.)

Ironically there were more people there than I usually see. The limits must be against an increased demand due to the fact that they were actually open!

Some flowers and a tree that puts out deep red leaves in spring. It wasn't labeled, but I think it's a Krauter Vesuvius plum. Lit from the front the leaves are a deep purple. Lit from behind they're this super-bright red.

Some of the local wildlife spotted at the gardens.

I didn't have much luck photographing this time, but I did catch some good shots of this one. Though I'm not sure what it is. Maybe a warbler?

This was one of three that scattered as I approached a trail junction. The other two hid. This one froze. It blended in very well!

And while I *saw* lots of , this mourning cloak is the only one that held still long enough for me to get a .

@aldersprig It's an amphitheatre. And more or less the only place to sit down other than the lawns that hadn't been blocked off.

@aldersprig I'm surprised they didn't, actually. There are several areas they just blocked off, and they could have easily done it with this one. oh, neat.

This makes me want to go to a nearby park tomorrow and see what they've done. Maybe I will.

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