Black Phoebes are one of those birds that I never noticed until a couple of years ago, but now I see them *all the time*. I'm fairly certain they've been here all along and I just wasn't paying enough attention to birds before.

I had such a hard time getting a shot of this Yellow-Rumped Warbler. It kept hopping from one twig to another as I tried to aim the camera, and actually hid behind some branches for a bit. But I finally got it!

Call your doctor if you experience double wigeon.

There were SO MANY wigeons at the pond that day. A lot of the males were making this whistling sound like a squeaky toy and making a big display of flapping their wings. Duck waving, I suppose you could call it.

The males' heads also had this green iridescence, but I couldn't capture it.


I went back through my photos and found one where you *can* see the green on the male wigeon's head!

Here's a male and a female, plus a coot. The coots were scattered around the entire pond, while the wigeons were mostly at one end (probably not coincidentally, the end where people were more likely to stand around tossing bread into the water. Right next to the sign saying not to feed the birds, especially not bread.)

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