First time I've noticed one of these birds, but they're apparently all over North America: A Northern Flicker, a type of .

(I was kind of annoyed that it was on the shaded side of the tree, but I can't really blame it. The late afternoon sun was really bright.)

@kelsonv oh gosh, of the four kinds of woodpeckers around here, flickers are by far the most common--or at least, the easiest to spot and least shy. plus they love to drum on drainpipes and porch rails, for that great 6 am jackhammer wakeup experience. ;)

@kelsonv they don't do it too often, or at least they move around enough that it's not an every morning experience, but it is definitely part of the springtime package up here in the PNW. ;)

@troodon @kelsonv My folks were less than pleased to report they had one that was super interested in drumming either on, or close to, the roof or their house. It finally gave up/found a mate I assume, since the folks have since stopped complaining

@Sacchan @troodon I'm glad the noisiest birds around here are just signing. They start at dawn and taper off at sunrise. Loud, but at least more pleasant!

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