Flashback to last summer: a red panda (sometimes called a fire fox) at the San Diego Zoo. I made a point to look for them and the penguins on that trip. For reasons. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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@kelsonv ooooo, the red panda

They are wonderful to watch. We have one that's only semi-active at our zoo and getting a photo like that is tricky.

Well done ๐Ÿ‘

/me makes a note to visit local zoo with the cannon camera lens soon

@kemonine Thanks!

Sadly I didn't get to see them doing much. There were several in the enclosure, maybe three or four, but the rest were either hiding in the tree or sleeping. This one was just sort of perched up there, looking around.

@kelsonv :)

We have 3 now (male, female, baby) and they like their rest it seems.

Every time I'm at the zoo I make it a point to see them but... alas, most days crickets are more active.

I love red pandas so much, they are way cooler than the monochrome version. Here's a terrible photo of the ones in Dublin zoo. I apologise for how terrible this photo is, the wee scamp wouldn't stay still!

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