Photographers who shoot film: Where do you buy film? Where do you get it developed?

My son found my old manual SLR camera and I was showing him how everything worked.... without film.

@kelsonv check out
For tons of info and almost any kind of film you could want. On their podcast, I think they usually recommend the for developing, but I haven't had the chance to try them myself yet.

@kelsonv Don't know where you are -- "Looking Glass Photo" in Berkeley California sells film, but you can also get it on Amazon...

@mosqueeto I'm in the Los Angeles Area, which I should've mentioned. Amazon may be the simplest way to get the film, now that you mention it. I figured it would be easier to find film than to find someone to develop it.

@kelsonv - I see you're in west USA. A quick search found:

Film is pretty easy to find, B&W you can develop and scan at home very easily, this is where I would start. Colour likewise can be self processed but is less straight forward and less forgiving.

Go for it

@kelsonv - Kodak Tri-X is super cheap for you from the above source. But the Arista Edu 400, Kentmere 400 or Ilford HP5+ would all be forgiving films to use.

All the 400 speed films can be pulled or pushed by -2 to +4 stops.

I live in a pretty large city (Munich), so I buy my film in a photography store.
And currently I develop myself.
That doesn't help too much, I know... 😅

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